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Women: The Workplace Minority

Minority is referred to the smaller number or representation less than half of the whole. The term is so broad and is viewed in different contexts. Generally we label a group as a minority on the basis of religion. For example as in the case of Pakistan, People who belong to religions other than Islam are treated as minorities because they are less in number. Although it is not the only perspective to look for this concept yet it is the most frequent use of the term.

Generally there are different ways of describing a theory behind an underlying perspective either inductive or deductive. Sometimes you narrow down a broad problem area and then try of explain it. Sometimes the perspective is limited to a certain group and you generalize it on a relatively bigger number.

The human race in the world is divided into two; Man and Woman. Having different physical characteristics and different roles to play, they are not that much segmented the way they have become now. The programming which is done and is projected on religious grounds is devastating because it is not the religion it is the translator’s bias who make rules and policies to structure society. You cannot hunt all females like sheep with one stick. There is a difference.

It seems a huge propaganda of sex based division against women. This sex based division was efficient in terms of labor in the past where ‘HE’ (His majesty; The Man) was allowed to perform instrumental tasks and ‘SHE’ (The oppressed female) was supposed to handle expressive tasks. But the situation has changed now. The industrial revolution had challenged this social structure.

Earlier the oppression of women which was used to be done economically and was justified due to her lower physical strength is no more valid. But due to the reason that it is beneficial for men status and power, it still thrives in our society.

The shift of paradigms is desperately required. The generation of women that is the product of pre-industrial revolution having the older programming is confused with the changing circumstances and with their new generation. The older footings are not working and if you go along with what the world has to offer you, you can not hold on to the older programming. But the dilemma is that this new generation of females is confused that how to keep the balance.

This imbalance itself and the pressure of social structure creates a chaotic situation, putting this segment in the category of minority at the work place. It is not accepted as a fact actually. We have policies for women at workplace which negate this argument but the truth is that being a marginalized group these policies are never exercised by the females because of further oppression and threat of survival. So being a female the realization of this fact is horrible but still the acceptance gives you a hope to move on. A hope that, yes! You are not being recognized, the expectations are high at both ends, the programming is pre-industrial and the circumstances are post industrial but still this minority should turn into majority to clarify the roles and to modify the social structure which earlier made us a victim.

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