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Why Do Men Leave a Good Woman – Understand the Reasons Behind Why Men Just Walk Away

Sometimes men can walk away from a relationship and a good woman without so much as saying goodbye and leave her feeling like her world has come to an end! Has this happened with you? Do you want to know why he walked out when you were obviously doing all you can to make him happy? Read on!

Why Do Men Leave a Good Woman - Understand the Reasons Behind Why Men Just Walk Away

 He does not want to be tied down

Most men feel a little panicky when it comes to making commitments. If the guy is one of these it is unfortunate because no matter how much you do to keep him happy and how good you are towards him, when it comes down to the final crunch – he will back down.

 He knows that he will never be able to keep her happy

If he is the honest type and sincerely does not want to hurt his woman who has been extremely good to him, he will come clean and back out of the relationship because he does not want to hurt her. He will own up and let her know that he thinks that she is too wonderful to take advantage of and will walk away.

He is a player

If he is a player – he will not be able to change his spots! In his heart of hearts, he cannot help playing around and he will not be able to commit to a single woman in the end, no matter how good she is. He will find it hard to agree to be with one woman because basically, he wants to date many women.

He just cannot commit to anyone

Sometimes no matter how wonderful the woman is, she is never going to be able to get him to commit if he has issues and fears about commitment. He would have to get rid of these fears at first before he thinks of getting serious. If he is secretive about his past and cannot let go of it – he will walk away.

He does not know a good thing when he sees one!

It is really surprising how men can be pretty dumb at times and just don’t recognize a good thing that is within his grasp! This is the type of guy who is a bit selfish and does not bother to acknowledge the fact that he is lucky or blessed to have a wonderful woman in his life. This is why he can walk away and miss out on true happiness.

He finds her too boring

Believe it or not, but there are some guys who find “nice” and “good” boring! If he is the type who gets turned on by “bad” and tempting women – those who are aggressive, brash, loud, impulsive and sexy – he will never be satisfied with a good woman.

He knows it won’t work out in the long run

No matter how good a woman is, she may still be the wrong one for him! If he is astute enough to realize that she will never be able to fit into his lifestyle, then he could walk away instead of making a mistake.