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Modern and Comfortable, Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal

The modern day woman is beautiful, does not shy away from expressing her personality through her career, fashion and hobbies, the modern woman is the lady feeling comfortable in her own skin. And when it comes to feeling good in your skin, Medspa Beauty Clinic can help.

Based in Notting Hill Gate London, Medspa is offering the Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal treatment for a smooth, healthy skin. This fantastic technology helps ladies (and men) get rid of undesired body hair and is more efficient than any other laser hair removal treatment. The laser using Soprano Ice works by cooling the surface of the skin while keeping the warmth within the dermis. The results, a smooth, undamaged skin with little to no pain felt.

What do I mean when I say the Soprano Ice Laser hair removal is modern? Well, in our days, when we like things to be done efficient and with little burden, so should be the case of removing unwanted body or facial hair. After all, us women have done enough shaving, waxing and tried out other stuff for getting rid of hair and none was permanent, few were pain free and most of them required quite a determination. But that is enough.

In a day and age when we can go through rougher procedures without feeling any pain, why shouldn’t hair removal be the same? With the Soprano Ice treatment, it is now possible. And it has been for the last few years. The Soprano Ice Laser emits 10 low power pulses per second. The treatment applicator is moved back and forth over a small area to gradually heat the dermis at a level that effectively damages the hair, without harming the surrounding tissue. This means you get a smooth skin with little to no pain. And this is why the treatment is modern.

The Soprano Ice Laser hair removal procedure helps us ladies feel truly comfortable in our skin. It transforms it into a smooth one and it does not harm it, leaving it healthy and glowing. And our skin is one of our best personal accessories. It is the one we take with us on a special event, on a holiday and in bed with us every night. So why shouldn’t it be a great asset of ours?

Feeling good in your skin is a saying we can assume these days. With reduced and removed body hair and having a healthy skin which is always smooth we can truly enjoy the feeling. And with a pain free treatment such as the Soprano Ice Laser treatment from Medspa in London, this is what we get.

In my opinion, being modern is all about being efficient, enjoying the tiny things in life, going through different procedures without having to endure pain, going through varied experiences and coming out stronger, more confident and with our inner beauty shining away from every pore. And while we all experience life in a personal manner, why not experience hair removal comfortably with the laser hair removal treatment using the Soprano Ice Technology?