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Cyber Crime 80 percent More Likely than Brick-and-Mortar, A Report Says

It seems like criminals abandoned the old practice of targeting brick-and-mortar firms and begun attacking companies that operate online from the comfort of their seats. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, Internet-based crime is now 80% more likely to occur than in-store fraud. In fact, POS fraud and ATO (account takeover) breach accounted for the largest chunk of 2017’s online attacks. The California-based research firm discovered that over 16 million people were victims of identity theft last year. This figure is the most the company has ever detected since it started analyzing data in 2003.

Javelin Strategy disclosed that the increase in identity theft (up from 8% in 2016) is the major contributor (120%) to losses linked to account takeover attacks between 2016 and 2017. And this explains why last year ATO alone recorded losses as high $5.1 billion. The surge in ATO crime is fueled by the change in the kind of information fraudsters are stealing and trading for money. Again, for the first time, this research firm realized that Social Security numbers (SSN) were more targeted than credit card numbers.

According to Al Pascual, the Vice President & Director of Research at Javelin Strategy, 2017’s loot was a fortune for cybercriminals, and attacks could get even more complicated with the large amount of valid consumer data they have at hand. He added that the Fraudsters’ key to survival is finding new ways and getting more complicated— every time industry experts augment security, they discover a new way in.…

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Stylish Purses For All Your Needs

As you explore the variety of Prada shoulder bags, you will be able to find those that you like the most. Of course there are going to be several that you want to own, but start with one. You can add more later on as you have the funds to do so. Once you get started down this path, you may become very loyal to the brand.

You will find plenty of colors, styles, and designs available. You may be looking for certain types of Prada shoulder bags. Narrow down your search with filter systems to ensure you find exactly what you are after. If you aren’t sure what you would like, spend some time looking at the various choices out there.

You can also shop by price if you have a limit to the amount of money you can spend. The prices vary significantly for Prada shoulder bags. Looking only at those that fit your budget reduce the risk of being disappointed by seeing one you love but you can’t afford. It also reduces the risk of you making an impulsive purchase that is damaging to your budget.

Sale Items
To help you stretch your budget further, look for sales on Prada shoulder bags. You may be able to get discontinued products for a very low price. They are often on sale in order to make room for the new arrivals. However, they aren’t outdated or out of style so you get a great product as well as a …

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She’s an Everyday Heroine

Maya Angelou said, “I think a hero is anyone with an intent to make this a better world for all people.” Have you ever looked up heroine quotes? The paucity of examples is absolutely infuriating. Of the few samples we find the cinematic reality of female detectives, wonder woman and then we have the down-to-earth Harriet Beecher Stowe “To be really great in little things, to be truly noble and heroic in the insipid details of everyday life, is a virtue so rare as to be worthy of canonization.”

Are women not heroes? What does one call a Mother who nurses a sick child back to health? Is she not a hero in that child’s eyes? What does one call a woman who follows her passion in the face of war, like Rachel Corrie? Is she not a hero? What do you call a woman who is clearly different, diagnosed as autistic, but carries on her life of creating beautiful, soulful art? Is she not a hero? How do we define and synthesize being a woman and a hero? Are the only examples either in history, in the movies, or martyrs?

When I go back over the heroines in the fables I love: the seven swans sewing sister, or the girl who confronted Baba Yaga. Each one has little hope, and yet still trusts that they will be okay. They endure even when the odds of their succeeding seem dim. The sewing sister is almost burned at the stake for

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Women: The Workplace Minority

Minority is referred to the smaller number or representation less than half of the whole. The term is so broad and is viewed in different contexts. Generally we label a group as a minority on the basis of religion. For example as in the case of Pakistan, People who belong to religions other than Islam are treated as minorities because they are less in number. Although it is not the only perspective to look for this concept yet it is the most frequent use of the term.

Generally there are different ways of describing a theory behind an underlying perspective either inductive or deductive. Sometimes you narrow down a broad problem area and then try of explain it. Sometimes the perspective is limited to a certain group and you generalize it on a relatively bigger number.

The human race in the world is divided into two; Man and Woman. Having different physical characteristics and different roles to play, they are not that much segmented the way they have become now. The programming which is done and is projected on religious grounds is devastating because it is not the religion it is the translator’s bias who make rules and policies to structure society. You cannot hunt all females like sheep with one stick. There is a difference.

It seems a huge propaganda of sex based division against women. This sex based division was efficient in terms of labor in the past where ‘HE’ (His majesty; The Man) was allowed to perform

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