How to Become a Marriage Material
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How to Become a Marriage Material

How to Become a Marriage Material

Believe or not, men in general categorize women in two- the first category of females is for past time sake and the second is for marriage material. The first category is women that men never take seriously for several reasons like they are high-maintenance especially in emotional aspects. Those women who never tell you what they want and expect you to do that thing that they don’t tell you. They also expect to be treated like a prima donna, they flirt with everybody, they make themselves look available for everybody, and they create an aura that “I go for the highest bidder” because they do go for the highest bidder.

Past time women are those whose only talent is in the bedroom. They have this belief that the only way to a man’s heart is through his groin. That sex is the only way to get a man. They are naturally dumb- not playing dumb, they are obnoxious, loud and they don’t make any sense. Their only focus is to be physically provoking to the male population, they are lazy and they believe that they are too “glamorous” to find a job in spite of their lack of education. They can’t carry a good conversation and they don’t know how to listen.

They are “nice” and “good” to their partner only when they need something. Some men stick to them because they are convenient and they are good in bed but as soon as they meet a woman with substance men will drop them like a hot potato. So how does a woman become a marriage material? Here are some few things to remember, know who you are. This is the first rule. Know yourself- your limitations, your strengths, your morals, your values. If you know yourself, you have control over it. You have a purpose. What makes a person confused and lost is a person who has no purpose and has no control over herself.

And ask yourself, what kind of person will you become if you have no control over yourself? If you discern yourself, you will be confident and secure and more natural because you are aware of what and who you are. To become marriage material you have to know what you want in life but you have to comply with the first rule first. You cannot know what you want if you don’t know who you are. Know the person and people you want to be with, what kind of life you want. Most men don’t like women who don’t know what they want in life though some find it endearing but when it comes to serious matters, men want a person with direction and focus.

To become marriage material, learn to communicate. The male population hates females who expect them to be mind readers. A woman who initiates productive communication creates an aura of home and acceptance. Men don’t like to go through a lot of bullshit, so if you need to get something across, communicate. If you want to be a marriage material you should not take yourself too seriously. You got to have a sense of humor to make your man laugh and to deal with everyday stresses. If you want to be a marriage material you got to have the breeding. Breeding doesn’t come with the money you have in your bank account or your family background.

Breeding is all about respect and consideration for others. To become a marriage material you have to be responsible enough for your actions, handling money and everything that involves family life. And last but not the least your man will definitely see you as a marriage material if you know how to take care of him, pamper him and love him unconditionally. Complement him and he will be yours forever.