Advice for Women – Ways to Maintain a Healthy Self-Image
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Advice for Women – Ways to Maintain a Healthy Self-Image

Advice for Women - Ways to Maintain a Healthy Self-Image

There’s a secret fear many women embrace: they will never be good enough. No matter how hard they try, to stay fit, lose weight, lose the gray, and anything else the world sees as vital to happiness, it’s tough to keep up. The psyche suffers. Or does it?

Imagine a world where women 40, 50, and 60 love who they are? Well, imagine no more. Here are a few ways you can drink from the fountain of real happiness. Advice for women who want to maintain a healthy self-image.

Seek Women Mentors With Healthy Bodies

Whether you find women you know or those out in the world, seek to learn from women with healthy bodies. Forget what she weighs and the size of her jeans. How healthy is she? What does he eat to make his skin glow? Why do his eyes shine? What superfood makes it feel super? Release the mantra “Size of clothes is the same as happiness,” “Health equals happiness.” When your body feels good, you will feel good.

Seek Women with “Loving their gray!”

Seek Women Who Welcome the Beauty of GrayI love to see women. It inspires hope! Courage! Timeless beauty! As Jamie Lee Curtis shares, “What am I hiding? “Helen Mirren looks amazing and we have more mentors who embrace gray beauty. What does it mean to you? Old and near-death? Or experience, beauty, and still be strong? I love last. When you are ‘you are tempted to obsess with the roots of your hair, call a friend who greets her gray beauty.

Finding Women With Healthy Minds

Women with healthy minds have magic ingredients: they know their true value. They understand their world contribution is more important than their physical attributes. Women with healthy mind minded solutions: always looking for ways to improve the world. Not diet minded. You are more than your hips, hair, and thighs.

Makeup doesn’t make you. Find women with a healthy mind and you will find women who work for the higher good. Connect with women who share your interests and goals. Move toward women who like to discuss solutions and ideas, rather than discussing topics or other people.

Your Beauty Lies In How You Feel

Whether you are 40, 50, or 60, you can maintain a healthy self-image by realizing your beauty lies in how you feel. When your body feels good, you will feel good. And, with the support of a mentor, person, or outsider in the world, you will do wonders. You are the only gift of your type, in this world. Next time your conscience asks, “Am I good enough?” Do not be surprised. Just say, “That’s like asking, does the sun really shine?” Of course. And, yes, of course.