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3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin from Wrinkles

Nothing puts a damper on vibrant, youthful skin like the appearance of wrinkles. Although wrinkles are generally viewed as an unavoidable part of the aging process, there are a number of ways to slow down their formation and avoid them altogether. Fortunately, protecting your skin from wrinkles doesn’t have to be a herculean feat. A little bit of knowledge, persistence and personal responsibility is all it takes to build a powerful defense against wrinkles. When working to combat wrinkles, remember to put the following tips to good use.

1. Moisturize Regularly

A nontoxic moisturizer can be an invaluable ally in the fight against wrinkles. The frequency with which you’ll need to apply moisturizer varies depending on skin type, but most people need to fully moisturize at least once or twice daily. This is best done after bathing – right after your skin has been cleansed of its natural oils. Furthermore, make a point of moisturizing your hands and face after every wash. You can also avoid neck wrinkles with the help of the best product for sagging neck.

2. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Nourishing your skin by keeping it hydrated can go a long way in curbing wrinkle formation. Whereas moisturizer lubricates your skin from the outside, hydrating it lubricates it from within. For best results, drink a healthy amount of water, coconut water and antioxidant-rich teas. Additionally, take care to avoid beverages that are high in sugar, as these can have drying effect on skin.

3. Protect Yourself from the Sun

Excessive sun exposure is among the foremost causes of premature wrinkles – not to mention potentially fatal afflictions like skin cancer. To limit the adverse effects of UV exposure, apply sunscreen to any exposed areas of skin whenever you intend to spend more than 15 minutes outdoors during daylight hours. Although this may seem cumbersome, taking a minute or two to put on sunscreen can protect you from serious health problems and cosmetic issues down the line. Since the chemicals found in certain sunscreens have been known to irritate skin, limit your options to nontoxic brands.

Guarding your skin against wrinkles is much simpler than many people would have you believe. While it’s true that some degree of wrinkling is bound to occur with age, certain types of wrinkles are very avoidable. In the fight against wrinkles, it pays to arm yourself with the right tips. Regular hydration, frequent moisturization and nontoxic sunscreen can help your skin maintain its tightness and youthful glow for many years to come.